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Korean Dual Layer Sports Tank Top L-XL

Korean Dual Layer Sports Tank Top L-XL

  • Fast-drying
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Low impact & high impact usage
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor sport

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Product Benefits

  • Cater for daily activity (indoor & outdoor)
  • Tank top or bra support which toner upper body
  • Firm texture for maximum support during active lifestyle like gym exercise,zumba,walking,cycling,etc.
  • Built-in removable pads,can change according to the requirements.
  • Suitable for both inner or outer water.

Direction to Wear

  1. Wear the sport bra from top.
  2. Lean forward slightly to place your breast into each cup.
  3. Stand up and adjust the shoulder straps over your shoulders.
  4. Move your breasts around with hand until they are fully in the cup


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