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BODYSLIM Seamless and Lightweight Camisole-Bust Focused (Skin) L

BODYSLIM Seamless and Lightweight Camisole-Bust Focused (Skin) L

BODYSLIM introduces the next generation of shapewear with its new lightweight, high breathability shaping garments. Tailored with a special weaving machine to give you a one-piece shapewear without any seams, this BODYSLIM shapewear is created with quality style and design. Mix and match with other trendy pieces to make a fashion statement that is truly your own! Attend dinners, parties and dates with this fashion shapewear for an extra boost of confidence and sensuality.

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材     質:88%尼龍 Nylon+12%彈性纖維Spandex

尺     寸: L號 腰圍67-73cm 胸圍86-94cm

 L號 前/後中心長35/48cm;下擺寬34cm
1. 洗滌時請用中性洗潔劑手洗
2. 洗淨後請輕扭整型後置於陰涼處晾乾即可
3. 請勿使用鹼性漂白水即是變色主因
4. 請勿放置洗衣機中攪捲及脫水
5. 請用手洗方式,避免洗衣機破壞彈性纖維


BODYSLIM Seamless and Lightweight Camisole-Bust Focused (Skin) L

Our new 280 Denier Waist Sculpt Corselette Slip's design is inspired by fashion styles of Summer 2011. Designed with a light translucent silk mesh over the chest area, and combined with the special 3-D shape weaving V bust support, an alluring yet mysterious V bust effect is created. This designer shapewear matches a variety of coats and tops, creating different looks and styles daily. What's more, this new material is lightweight and breathable, leaving no room for any discomfort or stuffiness, so that you feel nothing but sexy and carefree while wearing it.

Product Features:

• High denier 4-sided elastic material is stretch resistant and doesn't get out of shape
• High breathability material allows you to remain cool even in hot weather 
• 3-D tailored design ensures that the slip doesn't curl after tugging it over hips

L: Bust: 86-94 cm; Waist: 67-73 cm
Material: 88% Nylon + 12% Spandex

How to Wear:
1. Roll up the Shaper
2. Put it on from your legs up, slowly pulling upwards until it reaches your waist.

3. Adjust upwards towards the bust.
4. Make minor adjustments if necessary.

Pre-cautious of washing methods:

  1. Hand wash with mild-gentle detergents.
  2. After washed, slightly stretch the suit and place it in dry and shady place.
  3. Please be avoid bleacher.
  4. Please be avoid using washing machine to stir until dry out

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