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MarySharon Miracle SPA Blackhead Melt Cream

MarySharon Miracle SPA Blackhead Melt Cream

  • Shrinks the pores
  • Dissolves blackheads
  • Removes greasy particles

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MARYSHARON Miracle SPA Blackhead Melt Cream  

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An advanced blackheads remover that effectively shrinks the pores, dissolves blackheads, removes greasy particles and exfoliates dead skin without causing  dryness.  The result is visibly radiant and crystal clear complexion!

Usage direction: After cleansing, apply a thick layer on T-zone for 15-20 minutes, with suitable massages and wash off.(Steam with hot towel before apply SPA Blackheads Melting Cream for better results.)

It is normal to have slight tingling sensation during the process.

After cleansing with face, kindly use hot towels or facial cotton to fomented on the blackheads area for 3 to 5 minutes to open the pores. Afterwards, kindly take appropriate amounts to apply on the blackheads area for 10 to 15 minutes  with appropriate massage.

Afterwards, wash off the blackhead melting cream, the blackheads will float out instantly.blackheads, whiteheads can be easily dissolved without a trace.

Using 1-2 times a week is recommended. Only for T-zone, not for entire face.

volume: 50g


美丽誓颜 星光璀璨SPA黑头融化霜

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介绍:颠覆传统去角质产品易引起的干燥和损伤问题,从多方面解决黑头问题,精选多种保湿成分,让角质更轻松脱落。独自配方工艺,有效地令肌肤达至收缩毛孔、溶化黑头及油脂粒 去除角质死皮,令新生嫩肤重现。


使用方法:取适量均匀涂于鼻子和两侧于10分钟左右用化妆棉擦拭后清洗,随后建议搭配天使精华滋养修复皮肤和收缩毛孔(一次彻底干净,一周一次)黑头乳化霜使用小经验时间太长了做的 涂薄点,时间短点然后用完涂精华或者遇到薄角质层或者超明感肌肤不适合,薄角质层或者超级敏感肌肤者,根据个人肤质用5-15 分钟不等,过程会有轻微的刺痛,正常现象哦。大家安心。


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