Delivery Information


  1. 每当订购已被确认,就不可再删除。
  2. 邮寄将会在一星期内寄到,除了星期六与日或马来西亚公共假期将会延迟一些。
  3. 如果货物延迟寄出了,我们将会给你留言。
  4. 我们将会联络你们如果货物已经寄出。
  5. 每当货物寄出后有任何损坏或不见,本店将不负责。
  6. 货物售出将不接受退还或换货。
  7. 顾客必须在被通知后的3天内把钱汇入我们的户口, 如超过3天,订单就会自动取消。
  8. 货物的价钱没有包括邮费。


Pre-Order Term and Conditions:

  1. No cancellation for any confirmed order.
  2. Pre-order is expected to be arriving 1 week after order(s) is placed.
  3. We will keep you posted if any unavaoided delay.
  4. We will contact buyer once the stock is ready, buyer please stay tune.
  5. Any lost/damages during delivering will not be responsible.
  6. Good(s) sold is/are not exchangable or refundable.
  7. Payment shall be made into my account within 3 days after confirmation.
  8. If > 3 days payment still has not been made, order will be cancelled automatically.
  9. Price quote does not include postal charge.
  10. Please bank in the total amount of money into our account once the order is confirmed




Account No : 7861205119

Company Name: SHILLS Beauty Sdn Bhd (867258-K)



西马 : RM10.00
凡购买 RM100 或以上将免费邮费!!!
东马 : RM15.00
凡购买 RM100 或以上将付RM15.00邮费!!!
West Malaysia: RM10.00
Customer Purchase RM100 or more free postage.
East Malaysia: RM15.00
Customer Purchase RM100 or more RM15.00 postage.