How To Order

To order, just simply setup an account with us and add any products to your enquiry. Just follow the simple steps below:

1. Click "Register" at the top header to create a new account.

2. Submit the register account and login your account.

3. Start order by choosing the product that you want from our website and click "More Detail".

4. The product page will show information of the product. Click "Buy me" and the cart function at right panel will have 1 product added. (Depends on the quantity you insert).

5. At top right of the website, you can see 1 item has been added. Click and you will see the product that you have select to purchase.

6. Same 1 item also shown at CART (right panel of the website).

7. Click "Enquiry List" and the enquiry list page will show the item, price, and quantity of products that you want to purchase.

8. Click "Checkout" button and will go straight to checkout page for payment. Follow the checkout instructions.

9. At delivery method, the shipping rate will automatically counted on the cart system. Please look up at 'Delivery Information' page for more info about our shipping rate.

10. At payment method, there are 2 option of payment which are pay using ipay88 or Bank Transfer. Choose which on you prefer.

11. If you choose ipay88, the payment will continue with ipay88 payment procedure/transaction to confirm order.

12. If you choose Bank Transfer, information about how to transfer will be shown such as account number. Please note that delivery will be made once the payment is received.

13. Finish purchasing by click the "Confirm Order" button.