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SHILLS Miracle-Lift Body Contour Control (4th Gen)

SHILLS Miracle-Lift Body Contour Control (4th Gen)

  • Specially formulated slimming body lotion with four colors mirco capsules
  • Effectively break down cellulites
  • Firms and revitalizes skin for perfect body contour

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第四代 SHILLS紅魔纖勻體曲線精華250ml(+157%)-加強版

SHILLS將勻體成份結合科技-特殊超微米紅球晶球,緊緊包覆窈窕因子不流失,高滲透至深層,讓精華發揮極緻效應。 肌膚觸感清新、柔嫩,有彈性,緊緻的肌膚,讓你體驗完美肌膚的自信光采。 清新舒爽的凝膠質地,富含超微米膠囊「溶止晶體」,讓肌膚充分吸收溶解,並開始運作,使肌膚體驗緊緻的新觸感。




1. 勿將產品使用於傷口、紅腫及皮膚異常部位。

2. 若因個人體質以致紅腫、發炎等異常現象,應立即停用,並洽詢皮膚科醫師

3. 皮膚敏感者,使用前請先做少量試用,完全無刺激反應,再使用。

4. 請至於陰暗處,避免陽光照射及高溫



SHILLS Miracle-Lift Body Contour Control (4th Gen)

Specially formulated body lotion with four colors micro crystalized capsule that effectively breaks down cellulites, firms and revitalizes your skin for perfect body contour. SHILLS Miracle-Lift Body Contour Control (4th Gen) is enriched with micro-red crystallized molecule. Its high penetration level helps absorb excessive fat accumulation in area of concern.

SHILLS combine of various slimming technology to create a special micro red crystallized molecule can constantly fight against excessive fat accumulation, so that ultimate slimming effect can be achieved. It effectively shapes waist curve, slender legs, soothe cellulite, giving you the perfect body you desire

Enriched with multiple natural extracts to achieve the ultimate slimming effect, the micro crystallized molecule is enriched with

1. Peruvian Uncaria – an effective agent to fight against fat accumulation.

2. L-carnitine – soothing fine lines and wrinkle which is formed by fat acculumation

3. Caffeine - Ultra-Firming agent for the lower body and to prevent sagging muscles

4. Pine bark extract & Aescin saponin— rich in flavonoids, which is a natural anti-aging agent, soothing and beautify your skin while slimming

5. Algae Extract – retain skin oil and water balance, maintain the suppleness and flexibility.

Completely grease-free and light- texture with the refreshing scent will ensure you an enjoyable slimming experience!

Direction to use:

Step 1: Take appropriate amount and apply to the abdomen, legs, arms or area of concern.

Volume: 250ml

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