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SHILLS Bright Me Bubble Body Scrub

SHILLS Bright Me Bubble Body Scrub

  • Effectively removes dead skin and dark pores
  • Smoothes your skin back to supple and healthy





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SHILLS Bright Me 新版搓掉黑穴角質3M雪泡美體專用






1. 專殺粗黑毛穴,老廢角質

2. 瞬間拋光嫩白每寸肌膚




1. 勿將產品塗抹於傷口、紅腫及肌膚異常部位。 

2. 若因個人體質以致紅腫、發炎等異常現象,應立即停用,並洽詢皮膚科醫師。 

3. 肌膚敏感者,使用前請先做少量試用,完全無刺激反應,再使用。

4. 請將本產品放置陰暗陽光晒不到之處。

5. 本產品已通過總生菌數、大腸桿菌、金黃色葡萄球菌、綠膿桿菌微生物分析檢驗。

容量:250 ml


SHILLS Bright Me Bubble Body Scrub

Specially made for rough, dark pores and dead skin layers, helps to reveal fair and baby smooth skin. Just gently massage the smooth, creamy and candy-floss-like mousse on required areas and see dirt and dark bits being lifted off your skin right before your very eyes!

Experience newborn baby smooth skin, as fair, lustrous and healthy skin is revealed from under layers of dead skin cells. It is gentle on the skin and effectively removes dry skin layers to reveal renewed, supple and baby smooth skin beneath, just like Snow White. With its soft and fluffy mousse texture, it spreads on the skin easily. The foam cell structure is less compact as compared to cream or gel, allowing it to easily wrap around dead cuticles, dissolving dirt at the same time.

Unique skin softening ingredients soften and remove hardened skin cuticles. Suitable for all skin types. Extra whitening repair ingredients help reinforce the effects of whitening and brightening after removal of dry, dead skin. This helps prevent dull and uneven skin tone. This exfoliating foam is suitable for use on your knees, elbows and other rough skin areas.

Direction to use:

Step 1: Shake well and apply onto areas where necessary (underarms, elbows, knee or heel)

Step 2: Apply a thick layer on dry skin and gently massage for 3 minutes.

Volume: 250ml


















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