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BODYSLIM 280D Lace Tank Top - Back And Waist Focused (SKIN) L

BODYSLIM 280D Lace Tank Top - Back And Waist Focused (SKIN) L

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精雕細塑”280丹美背鏤空蕾絲平腹細腰小背心 (肤)L


1. 洗滌時請用中性洗潔劑手洗
2. 洗淨後請輕扭整型後置於陰涼處晾乾即可
3. 請勿使用鹼性漂白水即是變色主因..
4. 請勿放置洗衣機中攪捲及脫水
5. 請用手洗方式,避免洗衣機破壞彈性纖維

材 質:16%彈性纖維Spandex+84%尼龍Nylon

尺 寸:L(下胸圍:75~80cm;腰圍:69~77cm;臀圍:92~100cm)


BODYSLIM 280D Lace Tank Top - Back And Waist Focused (SKIN) L

Product Specification:

Materials of lace is more refinement and elegance. The best mode of washing lace materials is by hand wash.

Please be cautious with following factors while washing which will spoil the structure of the suit:-

  1. Be aware with nails and metal which will hook into the lace
  2. Be aware with over-stretching and over-pull which will change the shape of the suit.
  3. Be separate with others clothing while washing.

Pre-cautious of washing methods:

  1. Hand wash with mild-gentle detergents.
  2. After washed, slightly stretch the suit and place it in dry and shady place.
  3. Please be avoid bleacher.
  4. Please be avoid using washing machine to stir until dry out.

Product materials:

  • 16% elastic fiber spander + 84% Nylon

Product size: 

  • Size: L (under the bust: 75 ~ 80cm; Waist: 69 ~ 77cm; Hip: 92 ~ 100cm)

Level measurements:

  • L (Length: 55 ~ 56cm; Waist Width: 26 ~ 27cm; Hem width: 34 ~ 35cm)
      (Size measurement could be occured errors in between 1-3 cm considered reasonable range.)


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