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BODYSLIM Bust Support Short Nightwear - (Black) M

BODYSLIM Bust Support Short Nightwear - (Black) M

  • Hold and center the bust during sleep
  • Prevents bust from sagging
  • push up

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“精雕細塑” 強效型夜寢雙C內璇集中美胸衣(黑)M


尺 寸:
M(下胸圍:70cm~80cm; 罩杯A,B,C皆適用,但75C or 80C請選擇L號)
適用平量尺寸:前中心長18.5cm;下擺寬26.5cm;袖口寬15.5 cm


BODYSLIM Bust Support Short Nightwear - (Black) M

 This is a delightful nightwear from the innovative Japan shape wear technology that ensures absolute comfort, support and feminie styling. Wearing a night bust shaper effectively lifts up bust and prevent bust from sagging outwards from gravitational forces during your nap. Plus, it's made of 95% cotton with stunning design while retaining the comfort with stretchable cotton knit

L: Bust: 70-80 cm; suitable for cups A,B and C while not recommended for Cups 75C and 80C

Pre-cautious of washing methods:

  1. Hand wash with mild-gentle detergents.
  2. After washed, slightly stretch the suit and place it in dry and shady place.
  3. Please be avoid bleacher.
  4. Please be avoid using washing machine to stir until dry out

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