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BODYSLIM Japan 420D Seamless 3D Shaper - Tummy And High Thigh Focused (SKIN)

BODYSLIM Japan 420D Seamless 3D Shaper -  Tummy And High Thigh Focused (SKIN)

  • Japan seamless technology
  • Thigh tightening and shaping
  • 240 Denier hyperelastic airflow material
  • 3D design which suit every body movement

SKU Code: QC1962263

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收腹提臀!! 420丹V字型加壓!! 腰部以下曲線完美修飾






適合腰圍64~77cm/臀圍87~100cm 褲長35cm﹔腰圍寬24.5cm﹔褲檔長20cm 92%Nylon+8%Spandex

1. 洗滌時請用中性洗潔劑手洗
2. 洗淨後請輕扭整型後置於陰涼處晾乾即可 
3. 請勿使用鹼性漂白水即是變色主因 
4. 請勿放置洗衣機中攪捲及脫水 
5. 請用手洗方式,避免洗衣機破壞彈性纖維


BodySlim Japan 420 Denier Seamless 3D Shaper - Tummy & High Thigh Focused (Skin)

Highly anticipated by web customers, BODYSLIM introduces its new high performance 420 denier lightweight and super breathable airflow fabric technology without affecting its shaping capabilities. Shapes and covers excess bulges—Secretly flattens belly bulges, shapes waist, lifts buttocks and sculpts thighs.

420 denier hyperelastic airflow material lifts and shapes targeted areas. Special raised abdomen weaving sculpts and shapes abdomen for a perfect hourglass figure and flattened tummy.
Unique cross-sectional weaving technology follows the body's natural movement to massage excess fat as you shape in style.
Cross-sectional waistline stitching + buttock "U-lift" pressure weaving for the ultimate shaping and lifting experience!
Thigh tightening and shaping—this thigh shaper holds and firms slack skin for the perfect tightening effect.

Size: M Size for 64-77cm waistline. For hips below 100cm. (2-3cm differences consider acceptable)
Material: 92% Nylon + 8% Spandex

How to Wear:
Gently roll up and fit shaper over the waist. Adjust until it fits comfortably. Pull excess cellulite upwards to create a slender waistline.

Pre-cautious of washing methods:

  1. Hand wash with mild-gentle detergents.
  2. After washed, slightly stretch the suit and place it in dry and shady place.
  3. Please be avoid bleacher.
  4. Please be avoid using washing machine to stir until dry out

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